Panacea Behavioral Health and Wellness

Panacea Behavioral Health and Wellness

Christine BrownMS OTR/L, QMHP-A


As an occupational therapist working for 20 years in mental health and community-based settings, I offer a holistic approach to individuals struggling to function in daily life and who wish to improve participation in meaningful daily roles and occupations.

For individuals this may look like improving daily hygiene to better face the world, building a sleep routine, eating to support the body, strategies to decrease isolation and managing time to meet responsibilities. Others may have faced recent setbacks and want to build recovery and cognitive skills or learn to adapt activities and the environment to better serve the healing body and mind.

Whether you want to practice coping with new circumstances or learn strategies to better manage long-term recovery in real time, occupational therapy can serve you.  My specialty areas include life transitions, eating disorders, chronic pain, and sensory dysregulation. I have extensive experience in behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based treatment and offer my services to adolescents and adults who want practical support on their healing journey.