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Occupational Therapy

The distinct value of occupational therapy (OT) in an integrated healthcare approach is the OT’s ability to address the habits and routines that contribute to the risk of developing, or the difficulty in managing, chronic illnesses, and the habits and routines that affect an individual’s health and wellness. Our OT’s passion and mission is to work in collaboration with other health professionals to treat the whole person- assessing client strengths and needs and readiness for change and creating client-centered, goal directed interventions that empower individuals to participate fully in life. (Occupational Therapy’s Role in Community Mental Health, AOTA.) The National Consensus Statement on Mental Health Recovery(SAMHSA, 2005), defines mental recovery as “a journey of healing and transformation enabling a person with a mental problem to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice while striving to reach his or her potential.” OT service can increase overall efficiency by allowing other professionals to focus on their specialty areas.

OT can help:

  • evaluate physical, sensory processing, and cognitive functioning to guide treatment and assist with safety recommendations.
  • support symptom reduction and changes in daily habits and routines to prevent or manage chronic conditions of various kinds,
  • promote health and wellness, and increase independent self-management of daily life.
  • reduce the need for higher level of care by adding extra support to build skills and
  • adjust routines and habits;
  • assess and implement strategies most effective to maintain progress in community reintegration, develop realistic goals to attain a higher level of function in valued roles and occupations.
  • address acute conditions such as pain, non-medical sleep disturbances, and deconditioning to reduce physical or mental disability and restore individuals to their best possible functional level.
  • analyze activities and adapt environments to create the just right fit for success.

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