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Panacea Behavioral Health and Wellness

Domestic Violence Program

Dedicated to Cultivating Nurturing Relationships, Batterer Intervention Programs in Virginia aim to actively contribute to the eradication of domestic violence by extending comprehensive services to individuals who have engaged in abusive behavior. Intervention is conducted separately for men and women. An initial assessment and program orientation are required prerequisites for this program. Through our interventions, we strive to promote safety, justice, and healing for victims of domestic violence. We are honored to hold certification from the esteemed Virginia Batterer Intervention Program Certification Board, establishing us as pioneers in Hampton Roads.

Program Curriculum

The goal of this Program is to help end domestic violence and abuse. We educate clients on how to build, have and what the benefits are of a healthy relationship. Our Curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Identification of all forms of physical, emotional, economic, sexual and verbal abuse and violence.
  • Impact of domestic violence on the victim and the abuser.
  • Impact of domestic violence on children including, children who are abused and children who witness domestic violence.
  • Emphasis on the responsibility of the batterer for his/her violence and abuse.
  • Identification of personal, societal, and cultural values and beliefs that legitimize and sustain violence and oppression.
  • Alternatives to violent and controlling behaviors.
  • Identification of healthy relationships.
  • Promotion of accountability, self-examination, negotiation, and fairness.
  • Examination of the relationships between substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence.
  • Identification of the behavioral, emotional, and physical cues that precede escalating anger.

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